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Widge Goes Off #4: Eyes and the Apocalypse

Burgess Meredith in The Twilight Zone

So I thought about something while putting in my contacts the other day. Somebody on the YouTube comments asked what I think about when I’m brushing my teeth. It’s obvious: dairy futures. Enjoy.

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  • I’ve thought of this many, many times. I save all my old glasses. As time goes on, I’ll have some epic post-apocalyptic headaches from the older ones, but I’ll be able to see better than without them.

    Plus you can loot glasses from the corpses. Some of them will have vision similar enough to yours. I guarantee it.

    And our pre-tech ancestors, I suspect, didn’t live long enough for their eyesight to get as bad as ours does.

  • It’s worth noting that Victim Zero of the Zombie Apocalypse – John, in “Night of the Living Dead” (1968) – was in fact bespectacled, and in fact loses them in his melee with the first zombie seen. Certainly an early object lesson.

  • After watching this, I checked out a video of a LASIK surgery. Un Chien Andalou isn’t far off.

    Yeah, the zombies will just have to eat me, too.

    I could try to tame them, like the bespectacled Dr. Logan in Day of the Dead…