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Wayhomer Review #54: Rango

Mr. Timms from Rango

Episode #54 for Rango, in which our protagonist is so blown away he’s barely coherent (well, coherent for him). He also discusses the joy of watching an animated film in which you don’t know who’s providing the voices and the further joy of surreal animation for adults.

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Special thanks to PhantomV48 for the closing animation.

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  • Gah! Just stumbled across these through Rotten Tomatoes for Fast Five (a series I can’t get into for the life of me) And I keep clicking “Previous episode here.” link, hoping it’ll be a movie I can’t care about or curious about why you rated it as you did.

    Loving these reviews. You discuss with the mindset of going into a movie and what the movie tries to do and how well they did it. Not “was Transformers as good as good as The Fountain?” kind of stuff. Has definitely prepared and enlightened me on movies I’ve been on the fence about :)