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T-Shirt Catchup: For Gamers, Readers and Zombie Killers

Fahrenheit 451: Out of Print t-shirt Black Zombie Hunter shirt by Seibei

While we weren’t looking, badass t-shirts snuck up on us. But, you know, they do that.

First up, we’d like to draw your attention to Out of Print. They take classic covers of books and put them on shirts. That part is pretty cut and dried and The Neil confirmed via Twitter that he recognized two of the covers as the versions he read as a child. The one I’m getting is the Fahrenheit 451 shirt for two obvious reasons: one, it comes in black and two, it’s Bradbury. However, they have all manner of different book shirts with different colors as well. And for each shirt sold, they donate a book via the charity Books For Africa. Nice. Check out their selection here.

Next, our friends at Seibei made the next item under discussion available and somehow I missed it. You know we’re big fans of zombies around here and thus, logically, huge fans of the Intramural Zombie Hunter League shirts that Seibei produces. This is a shirt so cool that even though it wasn’t in black…I wore it anyway. I know. But now Seibei has decided that a little night camouflage is in order–because the IZHL shirts are now available in black. See the pic above. Same ability to put a custom name and number on the back, plus special gore that shows up like mad on black shirts. Find them here. Use code NEEDCOFFEE to get 10% off. Tell them we said hi.

Recessionopoly by Threadless

And lastly, the last round of stuff from Threadless brought us a shirt that’s near and dear to my heart, even though it’s on the wrong color and for it to touch my skin would burn me. It’s “Recessionopoly.” And anyone keeping score knows how much I dig Monopoly, so this is a kickass design as far as I’m concerned.

I would also recommend the very Dindrane-friendly “Owl Nebula” as well as the egghead-friendly “Maths,” which is perfect for Jon as our latest podcast demonstrates.