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Jason Williams Needs Your Help

Jason Williams

Who is Jason Williams? You might remember the episode of Weekend Justice in which we discussed the 2010 DragonCon Fun Fest. We also discussed Jason–he not only wound up as the Winner of the First (and Only Ever) Need Coffee Fun Fest Tattoo Contest and became a symbolic destroyer of all sparkly vampires everywhere, but he’s also fighting pancreatic cancer. Here’s the latest from Jason:

I have had a miracle according to my doctors, the cancer has not spread anywhere, in fact its gone as far as they can tell, and I’ve been accepted to a clinical trial at johns hopkins for a vaccine. Hopefully I can get up there and get the vaccine before it comes back, in which case I’m looking at about 10 years instead of the original 1. Anyways, I’ve got to fly to maryland every month for the next 4 months and then once every 6 months after that.

If you’ve got some coin you can spare, check out Jason’s website here. He’s dealing with doctors and medical insurance and all kinds of Fun. He’s accepting donations to help defray the costs of his ongoing battle and every little bit helps. Thanks in advance.

Update: Jason just advised us via our Facebook page: “if you want to donate and need a tax write off, wait a few more days soon all my donations will be going through Dream Chasers thanks to Lisa Smith Batchen.” We’ve asked Jason to keep us updated.