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Cruellest Month #1: The Raven (A New Translation)

Edgar Allan Poe stamp

So we return to yet another April and yet another National Poetry Month. Just like last year, we’re going to be posting a new poetry recording each day. Some of it will be original. Some of it will be classic material. Some of it will be classic material presented in an entirely new way.

We’re leading off our first poem this year with Edgar Allan Poe‘s “The Raven.” Yes, we’ve showcased it before. Read by James Earl Jones, Vincent Price and Christopher Walken. I’ve even taken a crack at it.

But this something different. Our own Tee Quillin did a straight reading of it and handed it to one of his college classes as an assignment and said, “Do something with this.” Michael Blevins answered the challenge with a new translation of the classic piece that is…well, NSFW for language. We enjoyed it so much we asked for permission to lead off this year with it and we got it. So. Enjoy.


You can download it directly here and a unique feed is here.

We kicked off last year with Tennyson and “Ulysses.”

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