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Wayhomer Review #58: Hanna

Saoirse Ronan as Hanna

Episode #58 for Hanna, in which our protagonist talks about how bad he feels when his pronunciation gets in the way of praising an awesome actress, getting terrified by Cate Blanchett, and the joy of hallucinogenic modern fairy tales.

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  • Her name is pronounced by the Irish as Seer-Sha, But she says it may be pronounced Sir-Sha. I’ll give you the short and sweet explanation as to why you reacted to her in the way you explained in your video: she’s simply the best young actress on the planet. Check her out in “Atonement and “The Lovely Bones”.

  • Steve: Thanks…yeah, Aaron set me straight on Twitter as well. Sadly, I couldn’t get to an Irish pronunciation expert in the time it took to get out to the car. I’ll probably get it next time.

  • Like your review! Skimming down this year’s future films, and it seems stacked with potential great performances, do you think Saoirse Ronan has a chance to bid for an Oscar nom.? Reviews about her performance have been good to raving, but it seems since it’s been released in April and the in general the movie getting mixed reviews I feel it’s an uphill battle. But still, it would a disappointment if she doesn’t get recognized since she definitely carried it.

  • Jill: Thanks for your comment. No, I don’t think she has a chance in hell of getting nommed. Not for this film. Oscar isn’t normally kind to genre films, much less to the actors in them. She will have plenty of opportunities to get nommed, though. So never fear.

  • Thanks for your review, Widge. The movie is a visual treat and the fairytale nature is wonderfully hinted at throughout. But the plot left me wanting a more intelligent and fairytale like resolution, with a more traditional structure to serve this purpose. I really hoped they would play with the possibilities of Hanna’s desire to be able to experience the complexity of a certain art form in the third act maybe.
    Sidenote: I also wished Udo Kier was young enough to play one of the supporting characters, the role seemed tailored for him (not that the actual actor didn’t pull it off in grand fashion, if you, the reader know Udo Kier you’ll likely know what I mean).