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Win the Audiobook of Jonathan Kellerman’s Mystery!

Jonathan Kellerman: Mystery audiobook

It’s Mystery, from Jonathan Kellerman, appearing from Random House Audio unabridged and read by John Rubinstein. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

With the ever-shifting face of Los Angeles, it shouldn’t be a surprise that even Alex Delaware and Robin Castagna’s favorite romantic haunt, Fauborg, is shuttering its doors. On its last night open, the pair set out for one final bittersweet evening at the French bistro. The joint is packed, but amid the crowd they notice one unusual patron: a beautiful and melancholy young woman sitting at the bar, all alone. Two days later, homicide detective Milo Sturgis calls Alex. A murdered woman’s fingertips have been severed and her body mutilated, obviously a case requiring Dr. Delaware’s psychological insight into the twisted murderer’s mind. The victim is hard to identify and a rush DNA analysis fails to match any records. Surprising both himself and Milo, Alex immediately recognizes the victim as the same sad woman he and Robin saw at Fauborg. Even more surprising, the time of death estimate suggests she was murdered not long after they noticed her. With Fauborg’s doors closed forever, answers are hard to find. When a lead offers up the victim’s nickname–Mystery–the case takes an alarming turn. Alex and Milo uncover layer after layer of the darkest of secrets in the highest of places, but just when they think they’ve reached the solution to Mystery’s violent death, their confidence is devastated by another brutally stunning revelation.

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