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Camp Wannatee Threadless Sale Now Through Wednesday Morning

Threadless: Octopus by Danny Christopher

Because you crazy cats out there seem to dig excellent t-shirts, it’s our duty to inform you that another Threadless sale has taken off. It’s $12 tees going on now and ending up at 10am Central Time (11am Eastern) tomorrow (5/18). We also wanted to point out a few quick shirts of note. There’s the most excellent “Doctor Hoo” by Mallory Dyer that’s so solid that even a newbie Doctor Who watcher like myself can pick out many of the owls involved. There’s also the Miyazaki-inspired “The Friendly Spirit” by Anna-Maria Jung, which Totoro fans will take to.

As for the image, we’ve fallen back on the classic epitome of cephalopodic shirt-dom, the heart-warming tale of an octopus and his bear. “Octopus” by Danny Christopher. But there are plenty more where that came from. Check them out here. Hurry while you still can.

And remember: buy now for birthdays later. I’m just saying.