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Wayhomer Review #68: Super 8

Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning from Super 8

Episode #68 for Super 8, in which our protagonist discusses the importance of texture and smoothies, how to tell this isn’t actually a period film, and how somebody needed to step up and make Spielberg movies since the man himself can’t.

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  • Spielberg did this movie a few years back, it was called E.T. Apparently Abrahms forgot because this is almost the same movie, updated and given teeth. I was not impressed. The best parts were shown in the trailer.

  • Mary: There’s a fine line between homage and rip-off, and the line between the two for you is stationed somewhere different than mine. So be it. Although bear in mind, Abrams knew exactly what he was doing. So did Spielberg, who executive produced this. Thanks for the comment.

  • I liked it, and your comment on Abrams having a huge boner for those blue lens flares was right on. About 15 minutes or so in (during the train station filming scene), my wife leaned over and asked me what was wrong with the screen. I had to explain to watch any J.J. movie and she’ll see the same thing.