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Music Monday: Portishead, Ladytron, Sir Lancelot & More…

More music picks for your Monday, co-curated by Rob Levy. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music.

Portishead: Dummy
Ladytron: Best of 00-10

Rob opens the show with Portishead and their most album, Dummy. So we go with a live version of “Numb” from 1997:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

It’s available as an MP3 download, but the CD as I type this is only fifty cents more. So go for the physical copy if you don’t already have one.

Rob continues proceedings with Ladytron and their best of release, The Best of Ladytron 00-10. He says, “A great compilation of their singles with two new tracks including ‘Ace of Hz’ which will be on their new record due in September.” And so that’s what we’re going with:

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It does come in a regular CD version and MP3…but you want the deluxe edition. It’s got a second disc with an additional sixteen tracks that the others don’t, and it’s only $6 more than the regular CD.

Rough Guide to Calypso Gold
Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip: Angles

Rob throws us the compilation The Rough Guide to Calypso Gold, of which he says, “Some great stuff here. From the 20s up to the 1950s!” So I looked at what was reportedly on the album and sure enough, there was “Shame and Scandal”–said to be performed by its original creator, Sir Lancelot. (It’s been covered so many times, it’s hard to say–I wasn’t able to confirm that what’s on there is Lancelot, not with just fourteen seconds.) What I did not realize, however, is that this was a song he wrote for the 1943 movie I Walked With a Zombie. Here is the man himself performing the original version of the song in the film, which was titled “Fort Holland Calypso Song” at the time:

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The album’s available on CD from Amazon. And hey, I Walked With a Zombie is available as part of the The Val Lewton Horror Collection, along with nine other films. Nice.

This is a track I heard for the first time the other night when The Neil was playing tracks in his spoken word room on Turntable. It’s “Thou Shalt Always Kill” by Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip. It’s sort of fantastic.

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That’s available on their 2008 album, Angles. The MP3 album version is half the price of the CD version, but whatever cranks your tractor. The individual track is available here.

Still Corners: Cuckoo

And now another pick from me: “Endless Summer” by the band Still Corners as a B-side to their single “Cuckoo.”

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The track’s currently available as a free MP3 download from Amazon. So don’t miss that.

And lastly, one from me: here’s “The Wilhelm Scream,” a James Blake cover, by the group Awning.

That’s available as a free download from their Bandcamp site. You can find info on their other releases there as well.