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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: There Could Be a Cephalopod Hiding In Your Room Right Now

LL Cool J from the movie Toys

The second greatest master of camouflage in the world is, of course, LL Cool J in the movie Toys. But even his powers are dim by comparison to cephalopods who are basically like swimming, living invisibility cloaks. In the picture there, pods are so good at camouflage that J is unaware the beret on his head is actually an octopus. True story.

In regards to the vid after the break, I had seen the bit with the hidden octopus example before, but context is all: the additional parade of what we don’t know about them, the close-up of how their skin works, how their vision doesn’t work and what it all means about the world outside of us that we perceive…it’s crazy heavy duty stuff to start your week with. But eh, it’s good for you.

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