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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: The Original Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep

Each week we try to kick things off with something interesting, weird or mind-numbing. If possible we will try to hit the complete trifecta. So here we go.

For those who have yet to attend a Need Coffee Fun Fest, part of what we do is play games. They are games that might be familiar to you as they are twisted parodies of game shows that you might know and love. One game that I dream about getting somebody from this site to host is Supermarket Sweep, the game that combines the price guessing of something (like Price is Right) with a mad dash through a store grabbing stuff (like the recent UK riots). I would love to see Rox hosting this, or Rob. But I have no idea how we would stage a run through a grocery store with a cart. Alas.

Regardless, here’s an episode from 1967. You’ll no doubt be watching the odd hair, the terrifying fashions (even in black and white), and other such fun. But watch the faces of the contestants and their varied reactions to host Bill Malone’s droning on about dishwashers and soap and soup and such.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via Classic Television Showbiz.


  • Butter Nut candy bar and vinyl asbestos floor tile. Awesome. You could pull this off at Fun Fest, but it would have to be like geek shopping. Maybe you could do the shopping spree part with like pictures taped to the walls, and allow the contestants to grab X number of pictures, you add up the total price of them (which you have on a list, or even just marked on the back of the paper) and see who wins. Or, you could do it like a scavenger hunt, they way they do the bonus items, where there’s a bunch of stuff out there, but they’re looking for specific items, like, say, penis-shaped Cheetos…..just sayin’.