Creeping Terror

So I was trying to find another giant monster from the sea sort of film, seeing as how last year during 32 Days of Halloween we were entertained by It Came From Beneath the Sea. When nothing immediately presented itself that was of sufficient size monster-wise, I tried to see if there was something else by Harryhausen I could lay hands upon. No dice. But never fear: I had a Plan C in mind. Plan C, as you might anticipate, involves giant slug-plant monsters from space! Or, at the very least, a bunch of people under a sheet that's sort of supposed to be a slug-plant monster. From space.

That's why it's The Creeping Terror from 1964. Because the only thing worse than a bigass space slugs is a film with boundless, terrible narration. And a monster that ingests people through what appears to be a vagina in what passes for its chest. It''s really, really terrible. It's probably best if you save this one for a drinking game.

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If you must own this particular film, grab it for super cheap with a bunch of others on DVD.

Other big ass monsters have included those in 20 Million Miles to Earth and The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms. Prior to all that we were hanging with The Screaming Skull.