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32 Days of Halloween V, Movie Night No. 19: Man Made Monster!

Man Made Monster

I told you we’d have a nice visit with the Chaneys before the day is out. Here was have the relatively short feature film Man Made Monster from 1941 (also known as The Atomic Monster), starring Lon Jr. Also here is a stunning Lionel Atwill in full-on “But I Am a Scientist!” mode. Chaney plays a sideshow performer who plays with electricity and, as a result, has built up a tolerance to the stuff. He comes under the control of the aforementioned mad scientist who wants to use him as the prototype in an army of electrically-powered zombie killers. And things just crazier from there. Enjoy!

This film is available for cheap as part of the Universal Horror Classic Movie Archive.

Previously on this night, we’ve watched The Last Woman on Earth, Duel and the original Cat People.