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32 Days of Halloween V, Day 27: Monster Cereals Make Monstrous Music

Monsters Go Disco

So in trying to figure out how we were going to start Day 27, it occurred to me that the clue came from last night’s recording of Weekend Justice: monster cereals by General Mills. First of all, the cereals are now a fall/Halloween-only release. I just learned this–and it’s lame, but as we said on the show, it sort of makes sense. You’re not supposed to market sugary cereals to kids anymore (because companies have more sway over your kids than you do (sure, keep telling yourself this)) and it seems like the people who like this cereal the most are old fogies like us who remember it.

Speaking of remembering stuff having to do with the cereals, that’s where we get today’s post: the three flexi-discs that they put out with the characters on it having fairly terrible adventures (read: perhaps they were cute at the time, don’t remember). The one I immediately thought of was “Monsters Go Disco,” but there were two others, placed into a playlist below for your amusement.

My only thing is this: Wikipedia (which is always right) lists Paul Frees as being the voice of Boo Berry. And that may be the case, but was he used on these recordings? For some reason it doesn’t sound like Frees, but maybe I’m hallucinating (it happens). Anybody know any additional information on the recording of these? I’m sure there’s a blog post somewhere about it but couldn’t locate it. Regardless: enjoy!

Direct link for the feedreaders.

If you want to legally acquire a copy for yourselves, Scar Stuff has two of them and Way Out Junk the third.

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