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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Retro Fu Theatre Presents: Buddha’s Palm!

Buddha's Palm 1964

When we can find something worthy of your attention, something we feel will kickstart your Monday (and the rest of the week) properly, we put it here. It’s sorbet for your mind.

How could I resist this: part of the 1964 serial Buddha’s Palm, which is drenched in so much awesome, it’s ridiculous. A budget of early series Doctor Who proportions. One of the most echo-y soundstages ever. And there’s nothing wrong with shooting fight scenes on a soundstage…but–let’s just put it this way–don’t hire more henchmen than your set can support. And if you do…adjust before shooting. Because I think we’ve just discovered a new cinematic malady: Henchmen Cram.

Lastly, the wuxia style of battle has come a long way when you consider one of the high points in this looks like an 8-bit video game. All of this makes this snippet ridiculously awesome. Enjoy.

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