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Music Monday: Real Estate, Dax, Iceage and More…

We had to take a bit of time off because of last month’s shenanigans. But we’re back. More music picks for your Monday, co-curated by Rob Levy. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music. Just note: any prices we quote are accurate as of when this post goes up.

Real Estate: Days
Dax: Beating Hearts and False Alarms

Rob kicks us off with a pick. Here’s Real Estate with their track “All the Same” from their most recent album, Days. As Rob says, “Brookyln based outfit’s new record filled with psychedlic swirly melodies accompanied by jangly guitars.”

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The album’s available from Amazon as both an MP3 download and CD. They’re about the same price, so stick with the CD just so you have a physical copy.

Here’s new artist Dax and “Run and Hide” from his album, Beating Hearts and False Alarms. Have to say, it’s an excellent debut track. Enjoy:

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It’s available from Noisetrade, where you can name your own price. Nice. For more info, check out his official site.

Iceage: New Brigade
Tim Carr: Fame Whore

Back over to Rob, who brings us Iceage. Yes, about as far from the animated film as you’re going to get. It’s from their new album, New Brigade. What does Rob say? “Frantic popst punk from Denmark. Fast guitars with moody Cure-like basslines and plenty of adrenaline!” This is “You’re Blessed.”

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The MP3 download and CD are both available from Amazon, but the MP3 is a couple of bucks cheaper. So.

Here we have Tim Carr and “Fame Whore,” with a music video covering ground we haven’t seen attacked since the late Jay Reatard crashed a kids party. But kids parties are indeed terrifying places. Showing here:

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That’s available as a single from Amazon. The full album, The Shadows, hits next month.

Mutemath: Odd Soul
Chicas: Spanish Female Singers: 1962-1974

And here’s a pick from me: we have Mutemath with “Blood Pressure.” It’s from their album Odd Soul and I just hope the drummer suffered no injuries during this mayhem.

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The CD and MP3 download are both available from Amazon. However, while the same price, the MP3 comes with three bonus tracks.

And last but not least, Rob has snagged ¡Chicas! Spanish Female Singers 1962-1974. He says, “A great collection of pop from Spain’s Ye Ye vocal movement! Amazing! At a time when Franco was being a horrible despot, Spain’s pop singers were making some amazing and glorious pop similar to the great wall of sound records and UK soul.” For a sample, here’s Pili y Mili with “Chico Moderno.” Watch for the cameo of Ringo Starr as the creepy gardener.

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That CD is available from Amazon here.