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Need Help? Rox of Spazhouse Has Got Your Back.

Rox of Spazhouse, Jedi asskicker
Trust her. She's here to help.

Do you have a problem? Is something troubling you? Are you in need of assistance? Never fear, true believer. Rox of Spazhouse is here to help. After having such success with her freelance consulting on episodes of Weekend Justice, a live session with Rox is happening tomorrow night (11/12) at 7:30pm EST. It’s Help Me Rox. You can listen live on our UStream feed. You can interact with Rox, along with Professor of Helpology Aaron Poole, and Technician First Class/Showrunner/Scapegoat Jon Boutelle. It’s the remake of The Equalizer that is already in its fifth season in an alternate universe much cooler than this one.

There will be a live call-in number (TBA). But hey…can’t make it tomorrow night but still need help? Maybe the fact you don’t have time for such an entertaining evening of wisdom is the problem? Fear. Not. You can leave your problem at 888.665.8825 and if the crew picks your issue, they’ll help. Because That’s Just What They Do.