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Stuff: So We Have The Sequel Pitch Already, It’s Called Plurality…

Ray Kurzweil
I want to hear a DVD commentary from this guy. Who's with me?

Each week, a lot goes on in the world of pop culture. Most of it you don’t care about, but most websites want to tell you about it anyway. Not us. Here, in just over a thousand words, is really the stuff you absolutely need to know. This leaves you more time to…I dunno, sleep or something. I hear that’s an interesting hobby. Enjoy.

  • Apparently, Roland Emmerich’s next bigass film is sci-fi and called Singularity. And has a budget of $175 million. Rewrites are happening and apparently who better to come in and help than the guy who came up with the term, Ray Kurzweil. Damn. It’s due out May 2013. According to Variety, “Set 50 years in the future, story follows a famous nanotechnology pioneer who uses a dangerous new procedure to save his badly-injured son, Adam, whose consciousness is transferred into a swarm of nanobots that take his physical form, giving him all sorts of powers. Protag ends up on the run from an evil corporation that developed the technology.” If you didn’t want Emmerich to direct sci-fi again, you should have gone to see Anonymous. I’m just saying.
  • Because it would remiss not to mention: this has been declared Go to 11 Day in honor of Spinal Tap. They’ve got it digital for $4.99 on Amazon, iTunes and Xbox through Monday if you want to snag it. Of course, it’s awfully damn cheap on DVD and Blu-Ray as well. Just saying.

  • While we’re on the subject of sales, the Warner Archive has buy 2 get 1 free (limit 2 free) from now until 11/14. Find that sale here.
  • Also, a couple of other notes: the new Conan the Barbarian is hitting in both Blu-Ray 3D combo pack, regular 2D Blu-Ray and DVD form on November 22nd.

  • Super 8 hits DVD and Blu-Ray on November 22nd. Remember: it’s the Spielberg film Spielberg can’t make anymore. I’m just saying.
  • Want to see one of the Best Actress noms? Here you go:

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    Yes. Mark my words. Despite the cheeseball song they threw on there.

  • Asteroids the movie? Yes, based on the classic arcade game (kids, ask your parents). Evan Spiliotopoulos (Wanted 2) has been tapped to rewrite. No word beyond that, but just more proof of the Law of Relative Development. Source: Variety.
  • So, if it’s undead and bleeds, it leads. So. Here we are with the trailer for the Civil War zombie flick, Exit Humanity. Hell, I’m in.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    Their official website is here.

  • Leonardo is at Universal…it’s an action-adventure centered around a young Leonardo Da Vinci. Shia LaBeouf. Anyone want to make bets? Source: Variety.
  • The Miles Davis biopic is still happening…eleven damn years after I posted a very stark page draft to Corona. Go figure. There’s a director–George Tillman Jr. (Barbershop) but no word on when something is happening. Is there even a script yet? Source: Variety.
  • We were talking about video games vs. movies in the latest Weekend Justice: and here we go…Modern Warfare 3 is the biggest product launch of all time with $400M in a single day. Think about that for a second. Then think about it for another second. Then think on this: “[Activision Blizzard] maintains that life-to-date sales for the Call of Duty franchise now top the worldwide theatrical box office for both Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I know, right? Source: Variety.
  • Want to see another one of the Best Actress noms? Watch this:

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    Pretty much guaranteed.

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  • When it comes to the Oscars, a lot of things have been happening. Here’s really all you need to know: Billy Crystal is back as host. There, done.
  • Paramount is developing the following: Paranormal Activity 4, Transformers 4, Star Trek 2 for 2013, and a new live action Nickelodeon-based Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. As for those first two, those should be no surprise to anyone. As the Hasbro CEO says, “It would be silly for us not to talk about having another Transformers movie.” If you’re smart, you’ll at least retain Bay as an executive producer if he’s going to hand over the reins. Source. Variety adds that the villain Abrams wants for that Trek sequel? Benicio Del Toro. Fine by us. Just get it moving, J.J.
  • Red Dwarf popular? Apparently. Fans crashed the website of the company who is handling the audience for the filming of the new series taking place in December and January.
  • Interesting. CBS is doing a remake of The Rifleman for the small screen. Chris Columbus will direct. Source: Variety.
  • Rose Madder, the Stephen King novel, is being adapted for the big screen by Palomar Pictures. Naomi Sheridan (In America) has scribed. No date or any other info available yet. Source: Variety.
  • Okay, you know what? Initially, my reaction to the Kristen Stewart Snow White project, Snow White and the Huntsman, was indifference. Then…this trailer. Holy shit. This could actually be good. Who knew?

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    Is that Idris Elba as the Mirror? Just curious…anyway, looks like the Tarsem project, entitled now Mirror Mirror, has some competition.

  • I’m sure this will be rather charming: James Taylor will be playing Bob Cratchit in a production of A Christmas Carol in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. That starts December 17th. Watch his official site, if you’re going to be up there, for tickets starting November 15th. Source.
  • Apparently they’re making a film of The Tell-Tale Heart, starring Patrick John Flueger (the Footloose remake), Peter Bogdanovich, and Rose McGowan. The latter will be playing Ariel, who is a romantic character added who may or may not exist…apparently. Well, at least they didn’t name her Lenore or something. Go read the Hollywood Reporter article to find out a little something about McGowan and what happened when she read the original short story…at the age of four.
  • In a move that I’m not sure anyone is clamoring for, MGM is doing a live action Where’s Waldo? with Walden Media. No date or anything else set. The Variety article does point out that Paramount and Universal tried to make a film based on the character before. So don’t get your hopes up and/or gnaw your arms off just yet.
  • Oprah Winfrey is talking about maybe doing some more acting. Good. She was brilliant in both Color Purple and Beloved. And what’s great is: not like she needs the money. She can choose any damn project she wants. Source: Variety.