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The Grue Café #5: Top of the Table, Ma!

Keep on Rollin

It has returned! Once more we call to order The Grue Café, with this episode starring Rox of Spazhouse, Kim, Dom and special guest star Kevin Pettway of Heroes of a Lesser Earth. The panel discusses help for beginning DMs, confessions about Rox’s gaming techniques, confessions of existing DMs, The Wisdom Conflict, awkwardness online, new and upcoming games, a goodly amount of Skyrim talk and more.

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Theme song courtesy of MC Frontalot. Of course. Excellent R. Crumb parody by Stuart at Strange Magic.


  • I definately relate to Kim’s comment about time vs money of teenagers, compared to adults. I had less money and therefore, less games, than I do now–but I hardly have time to play any of them. Of course, this doesn’t stop me from buying more.

  • thank you for the DMing tips. I think the largest problem I’m having is that i’m the DM for my group, yet I’ve never actually PLAYED a game as a PLAYER :( I’ve been trying to find a game to jump in on, but I’m the only person running a 4th edition game in town. Everyone here is still on 3.5 or Pathfinder

  • so when are you doing the episode on finding a good gaming group? my current group (with the exemption of myself, tho I have no problem with) all smokes pot. While it’s my job to facilitate fun as their DM, they play like crap when they’re high and I feel like I need to put the freakin bong in the initiative order just so it doesn’t slow the game to a complete stop.