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Wayhomer Review #102: Haywire

Gina Carano in Haywire

Episode #102 for Haywire, in which our protagonist writes Gina Carano and her compatriots a pass, advises you of a better Soderbergh-helmed action movie to see instead, and postulates about actors and their fetish for getting beaten up.

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  • Wayhomer couldn’t have said it better. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Even the “professional” actors were terrible in this film.

  • It was sort of OK ompared to the other drivel that’s out there now, (Awakening)-jeez… Acting was quite good and I liked the quiet bits: Good use of locales for ambience… Usual problem for spy flicks these days, the McGuffin is a bit vague with regards to why she is becoming “rogue”(?), but there is at least one clear one to start things going… It made sense to me for the most part, and looks real compared to most such movies; the quiet parts do help sell the realism.

  • Dude, your review was SPOT ON! I agreed with you on everything on this film! 100% spot on! This was just not a good movie with a bad ending

  • I warned you. The trailer showed you that this was going to be a bad film. I applaud you Widge for sitting in the cinema cesspool …again.