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The Sound Board #27: I’m All Out of Love and I’m Making a T-Shirt To Further Express This

Sad T-Shirt

This podcast generally covers music and other transgressions. This month’s episode is hosted by Prof. Tuffley, assisted by Dr. Rob Levy and Widge is in the sidecar.

This episode’s central topic is…television shows about music. We’re talking of the Soul Train, American Bandstand, Top of the Pops vein. They slowly but surely disappeared from our television screens. How and why? Before we get there, though, we also explore: Disney vs. Joy Division, Newt Gingrinch vs. Survivor, Capitol Music vs. ReDigi (the used digital music store), the Oscars vs. common sense, the Sasquatch music festival (aka Sasquatch vs. The Sound Board’s budget and travel plans), Metallica’s music festival, Ben Folds Five returns, so does 2 Live Crew, and M.I.A. vs. Madonna. Plus: remembering Etta James, Don Cornelius and Johnny Otis. And also we throw in a Valentine’s Day addendum for music for both love and anti-love.

Editor’s Note: this episode was recorded before the sad news about Whitney Houston.


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  • As far as re-appropriated album covers go, I think you could have a lot of fun with any given set of cartoon characters (Disney, Looney Tunes, etc.) and the artwork for Their Satanic Majesties Request.

    Also a quick note on the MIA thing, to further deflate the controversy: Along with the finger, I heard people making a deal out of the fact that she sang “I don’t even give a shit.” Which… is actually one of the lyrics from the song. Also, if you watch the video for that song she flips the bird there, too. So basically, she was replicating the video performance, and this was REALLY a whole lot of nothing.