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Wayhomer Review #106: Safe House

Denzel Washington in Safe House

Episode #106 for Safe House, in which our protagonist gives a modest proposal for dealing with the Babies in Cinema Problem, praises Denzel Washington for being able to elevate any film (or pretty much anything around him–he has the Acting Speed Force), and has a special guest star!

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1 comment

  • You are SPOT-ON about parents who bring their babies to R-rated movies. Why would they ever bring an infant to a film that’s pretty much guaranteed to make them cry, either from being too intense or too boring because they don’t understand the material?

    I think it’s also important that you wouldn’t say the same thing about “Beauty and the Beast 3D” or “Cars 2.” You expect kids at those kinds of movies, so it isn’t bothersome as much there.

    If babies really bother you that much, you can always check out the Cinebistro over in Brookhaven. You have to be over 18 to get in, plus you can eat a steak while you watch the movie.