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  • It might be you, or it might be that familiarity with the source material helps more that it seemed like to me. My friends and I loved it, but we’ve also read Burroughs’ works for… years.
    And as for the bit on the River Iss, it was that Sola shouldn’t go off to die on her own, THEY had a mission that needed to be completed first. Just because the mission was down the same River of Death doesn’t mean that they were going down there to die.

  • I want that…animal whatever it is…on the picture. Can I keep it as a pet uncle Widge? Can I? Can I?

  • Neb: Thanks for the comment. It was confusing because they never seemed to mention the river as anything BUT the place you went to go die. So when they all just climbed on the boat, it was…”Huh?”

    Part of the thing that I didn’t mention in the review because I thought back on it later was Good Red Martians are Blue. Bad Red Martians are Red. Therns are…Light Blue. So in my already confused state as to who was evil (blue or red?) when the Therns (Light Blue) blew away everybody else and handed Chief Red Guy a Blue Weapon, I had no freaking clue what was going on.

    I think the opening narration could have been better used to establish just what the lay of the land on Mars was or we could have just started on Earth and wound up on Mars, learning as Carter did (which we really didn’t do–he just seemed to make leaps of judgement that the uninitiated couldn’t follow).

    Thanks for letting me know what a ERB Vet thinks.