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Wayhomer Review #115: Lockout

Guy Pearce from Lockout

Episode #115 for Lockout, in which our protagonist–who’s a bit of a loose cannon–feels like he’s back home at the VHS rental store, appreciates the attempt at I Can’t Believe It’s Not Snake Plissken, and is also Randomly In Space.

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Special thanks to PhantomV48 for the closing animation.

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  • Guy’s character had that tattoo at the base of his skull…is that standard issue for agents or something?

  • I saw it in theaters also. I got what I went for.You have to admit watching Guy Pierce chew through space scenery is not a bad way to spend about an hour and 1/2. But I still have soft spots in my heart for movies like Cyborg and Cherry 2000.

  • Wow. Cyborg. That takes me back. Better that than Masters of the Universe 2, which it could have been.