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Superlative Etsy Finds #4: Moai Ties, Altered Portraits, and Tiny Worlds

Easter Island Ties

I won’t pester you this week about how much nicer it is to support independent artists rather than going to the mall. You should already know that. (Granted, Lasik surgery is usually nicer than going to the mall. But you know what I mean.) And to prove it, here is some fun and unique craftsmanship for you via Etsy‘s eclectic group of artists.

First up this week, we have some great silkscreen designs from Scatterbrain Ties. These Easter Island Moai ties are Widge’s personal favorite, but Michael Phipps’ ties have something for everyone, from apocalyptic Dürer figures to circuit boards. If you have to wear a tie to work, at least make it an interesting one.

Next up are frighten’s mixed-media altered antique portraits. Shop Owner Mari’s work is oddly fascinating with plenty of whimsy, and while I’m not usually a huge fan of animals dressed in clothes, her animal portraits are my favorite of all of her altered photos. These charming meerkats are a great example, but there are all kinds of elegantly twisted portraits here. Nothing says dignity like a deer in a suit.

Meerkat Art Print Tiny Green Tree and a Couple

Finally this week is Tiny World in a Bottle, which has amazing miniature scenes. Akinobu is from Japan and makes architectural models for a living, and makes these teeny tiny environments in his spare time. We love this tiny couple kissing under a tiny tree. The entire thing, bottle and all, is less than an inch high. In such tiny bottles, you can consider them concentrated awesome. Akinobu has animals, ships, and other really cool tiny things for you as well.

Have you found something by an independent artist that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Yeah, I know you’re not supposed to do ties for Father’s Day but a moai tie would have been awesome for my dad. For Christmas, though. Bookmarking it!