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Help Me Rox #3: Drinking Problems & Hobo Solutions

Help Me Rox: Rox of Spazhouse, JJ Hawkins and Jon Boutelle

The faithful have been rewarded! And everyone else has been punished! But in the end, everybody gets what they want. The new episode of Help Me Rox beamed via InstaHobo (the images are stenciled and then spray-painted onto the side of a building). Our own artist in residence, Rox of Spazhouse, takes your pleas for assistance and cries for advice and counsel…and delivers the goods. Like a hobo soothsayer, she bestows wisdom. Wisdom and beans.

Joining her on this quest to save your happy ass is Special Guest J.J. Hawkins, actor, baker, Doomsayer at the Website of Doom and the lead Martian at Mars Needs Podcasts. Also, the man working as fast as he can to engineer this beast as well as keeping Rox’s lawyer on speed-dial..that’s Jon Boutelle of The Unique Geek.
[ad#shortpost]They number three–but their fu is mighty. Enjoy this third episode. If you want more, you know what to do: retweet this. Facebook it. Google Plus it. Whatever it. And leave comments. Hopefully nice ones. And even better: submit your question! Give the show a call at 404.382.0769 or on Skype at Need Coffee Live or even send it via email to help me rox (at) this domain dot com. If you can’t figure out how to translate that into a workng email address, then Rox can help with that too–but you’ll have to use the phone number. Enjoy.


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And this time–there’s video! Be aware, we’re still playing around with how to do this, so turn your volume down quite a bit before starting. But enjoy:

To download this episode directly, Help Me Rox #3: Drinking Problems & Hobo Solutions, then do that thing. Previous episode can be found here.