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Music Monday: Spector, 2:54, Drums & Tuba & More…

Spector: Enjoy It While It Lasts CD

More music picks for your Monday by some weird guy with an assist by Rob. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music.

Just note: any prices we quote are accurate as of when this post goes up.

Rob kicks us off with Spector and their new album, Enjoy It While It Lasts. He describes them as “If Frank Sinatra sang for The Killers or The Godfathers had a baby with The Stokes.” Nice.

Here they are with a live version of “Chevy Thunder.”

The album’s only available as an import for the time being. Which means pricey. So stay tuned.

A pair of sisters form the backbone of 2:54. Their self-titled debut album has just hit from Fat Possum records. Here they are with a live version of “Sugar.” Slight rock, bit of a fuzz, you know, tasty.

That debut album is available as both CD and MP3 from Amazon.

While browsing the aisles at Spotify the other night, looking for more stuff with horns in (because you know I love the horns), I discovered the mad genius trio known as Drums & Tuba. Here’s a live version of “The Donkey and the Walrus,” evidently recorded from 2001.

The studio version is from Vinyl Killer–and you want the CD because the MP3 is missing a track. And huh, that’s from Righteous Babe, Ani DiFranco’s label. Nice.

Next we have the madness of The Diablo Swing Orchestra out of Sweden–they start out attempting to rock your face off your skull, then sneaks up on you with horns and strings. By that point, you have no face. Their latest album is Pandora’s Pinata and this is “Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball.” I wish I could have found them in a live setting with this where the sound was good enough–but all the videos I’ve seen have led me to believe they kick complete ass live.

Coupled with that is a classic bit of Kinks, “When I Turn Off the Living Light,” simply because we can.

Pandora’s Pinata is available on MP3 and CD, but the MP3 version is missing the last song. So here’s the CD. And that Kinks track is from The Great Lost Kinks Album, which appears to be hard as hell to get these days. Sorry. So…um, just enjoy the embed.

And we end with the fun simplicity of “Can’t Get Enough,” the single from the upcoming album HELP ME! by The Sweet Serenades out of Stockholm. I wish I had a live version of this song, since the title sounds like it’s sung by Morgan Freeman dropped about an octave. Just to see that happening, you know.

That album hits September 12th. And the MP3 version will be available here. In the meantime, you can snag the single here, as well as finding other bits.