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32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 20: Bones (2001)

Snoop Dogg as Bones

Getting a bit of a late start today due to various and sundry bits of fun. But we shall catch up soon enough. Today kicks off with Blaxploitation traditionally, so what better way to go than with a film that served as a tribute to that bygone genre? We’re going with Bones. And nothing says “tribute” and “sit up and pay attention” like casting Pam Grier. You know it’s true. And yes, it does star Snoop Dogg as the Big Bad long before he became a lion or even gave us a tantalizing glimpse of how he could single-handedly save daytime television.


It’s available on DVD from Amazon for just $6. Nice.

Last year we were checking out the trailer (and some music) from Sugar Hill. Before that, we were enjoying trailers for Abby “The Black Exorcist”, Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde and Blacula.