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32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 21: Dracula on Radio

Orson Welles and mic

Since last year we were checking out the Studio One dramatization of the Mercury Theater/Orson Welles War of the Worlds broadcast at this time, I figured we could go before that–back to the first Mercury Theater on the Air performance from 1938. It’s a version of Dracula that’s so condensed you’ll think the Bela Lugosi feature film is a miniseries. That being said, I love this: everything from Welles explaining “the next time I speak to you…” to how you can tell they’ve crammed as much of the story into an hour as they could manage. It’s classic radio goodness.


This show and many others are available on Spotify as part of The Orson Welles: The Ultimate Collection. And, you know, while we’re here, why not throw you the 1974 version from CBS Radio Mystery Theater, hosted by E.G. Marshall?

Prior to playing around with the radio, we entertained ourselves today with The Whisperer in Darkness, Oscar Wilde’s Frankenstein, The Fearless Vampire Killers and a twofer of George C. Scott goodness.