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Alcohol Quest #8: Beerventure 2 – Beer Harder

Big Dub and Widgett Walls carouse at Hotoberfest Atlanta 2012

Having finally gotten around to putting together the video (or recovering from the activities in the video–you be the judge), we bring you the sequel to our previous Beerventure in which we went in search of the North American Red Robin Sam Adams Octoberfest Milkshake. This time around Need Coffee sent Big Dub the Mighty along with Widgett Walls to sample as many beers as possible at Hotoberfest 2012, which was held in Atlanta on October 6th of last year.

What resulted was an increasing amount of beer, drunkenness, excess, pizza, mead and also beer. And a pair of weirdos with snifters who became increasingly incoherent as the day wore on. Spoilers: it all ends passed out on a couch. Enjoy. They did.