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Hello Daryl Dixon Kitty: A New Walking Dead Cake

Hello Kitty Daryl Dixon from Walking Dead Cake

Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon is a surprisingly popular character on The Walking Dead. (So popular, in fact, I can see Robert “I Kill My Characters Only Because I Can’t Directly Kill Your Hopes and Dreams” Kirkman lobbying to kill him off in the show just to spite the world.) So popular that he was converted, along with many of the other characters, into Hello Kitty form. Tracey Gurney, who produces some awesome Walking Dead art on her Deviant Art page (personal favorite: Michonne. Yes.), did the conversion.

So in addition to the hilariously awesome plush Hello Daryl Dixon Kitty, a slightly different design was turned into multiple things, including an iPhone case. It’s made the rounds: you can catch a picture of Reedus himself sporting one here. Nice.

Heather of Sweets to the Sweet, who created the ridiculously badass Walking Dead cake we featured previously, had a client who loved the Hello Daryl design so much she asked to have a one-off custom cake created. And Heather obliged. So just know that somewhere in the world, sweet and tasty zombie ears exist. They’re not just for trophies anymore.

You can find Sweets to the Sweet on their Facebook page. And Tracey’s site is here. (She has a Hello Kitty for the little girl zombie from the first episode. That is fantastic.)

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