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  • It looks like the car is warping. Should we consider this a hint where Moffat is taking this season of Wayhomer?

  • The comparison to hentai is unfair since the original did contain a scene which could be categorized as “tentacle rape”.
    Still this almost too mellow when compared to the likes of Urotsukidoji which was made more than 25 years ago. It does however lack the genius brutality that makes the original or any early hentai work amazing.

  • Bam: I think the comparison stands because the first vine attack was so quick and, yes, brutal–it wasn’t wallowing in its transgressive nature. This version was very slow and very “Yes, you know what this is. We’re just going to take our time with it.” It felt excessive and gratuitous, which is what most hentai seems to be going for these days. No art, just icky sex with things it’s probably not a good idea to have sex with.

    C&C: Moffat unfortunately doesn’t have time for this season of Wayhomers, but he has said he would contribute a script later this year.

    Thanks for the comments, you guys.

  • Evil Dead the remake was not nearly as good as the original, how could it be without Bruce Campball?There was no humor, and the characters where wooden, nobody stood out as a main character. It was a total gore fest, and the effects where disturbingly realistic. Once possesed, they gleefully mutilate themselves and each other in perverse ways. I agree that after a while, you become numb to the violence, which goes on and on! I thought it was cool that there was a female heroin, but she does not become the herion until the last 5 min of the film. Anyone who thrives on blood and gore will love this movie, but I like my horror movies to be a little more witty and intelligent!