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Word-A-Week Vocabulary Vlog #38: Apodyopsis

Aaron Poole's Word-a-Week!

The comic book villain Bullseye could take out someone from across the street using just a paper clip. Which is impressive, yes. But without words, how could I have conveyed that notion to you? Mime? Charades? An extremely long rebus? No. We need language. After all, scientists now speculate that the Neanderthal died out because they were, in essence, trying to play Pictionary against time for important bits of communcation like “Oh crap, there’s a lion right behind you.” But Aaron is like Bullseye but with language. His word selection never misses and–bonus–can take down a ceramic bull elephant at fifty yard. So make sure he’s on your team! Accept no substitutes! This word is one you can use! In conversation! When you’re trying to name your new ska-zydeco band! You can even use it on Twitter and Facebook! And the best part is: this word is free for you to use and share! It is guaranteed DRM-free.

We hope you will join Aaron as he sheds the chains of ignorance while exercising the skill that is knowledge, using that-headdress-Storm-used-to-wear-that-had-the-lockpicking-kid-inside…that is Language.

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