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Music Whenever: Heaven, Candle Thieves, Redwood Plan & More…


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The trio from Brooklyn is known as Heaven and the track in question is “Colors in the Whites of Your Eyes.” (Official video after the break.) To me, it’s like a psychedelic track that’s coming back down from a decent trip and really could just use a cup of coffee and a bagel. It’s from their album Telepathic Love, due out July 30th. Their official site is here, where you can snag a free Covers EP. Lovely. (Song: Spotify; Album: CD, MP3, Vinyl.)


Sometimes there are songs that are just so infectiously happy that they make you nod your head even when your head is definitely not in the mood to be nodding. In this case, it’s “We Won’t Ever Be Rich (But We Could Be Happy)” by The Candle Thieves out of England. It’s from their album Balloons, and to me, it sounds like Jellyfish except with the XTC Rheostat turned down to about 65%. (Nothing wrong with that at all, BTW.) Again, if this doesn’t increase your happiness, then the only thing left before therapy is reggae. I’m just saying. Their official site is here. And because they knew I was going to find them, they’ve broken up. (Album: MP3, Spotify.)

The Redwood Plan is out of Seattle and their track “Panic On” reminds me a lot of the long defunct controller.controller–and that’s good, because I miss the hell out of that band. The track is like an anxiety attack learned to play bass and then decided to write the score to a chase sequence. Their album, Green Light Go, came out in February. (Album: MP3, Spotify.)

The duo is LaLa and the Boo Ya and the single, “Lioness,” also features Lady Chann and Congo Natty. And for a track that feels so stripped down (apart from the beats in the background, that sound like they’ve been spiked with about six espressos), there’s a crapton of stuff going on. All of a sudden: horns? Where did horns suddenly come from? It sneaks up on you just how badass this track is. The single just hit back in March. More, please. Their official site is here. (Single: Spotify.)

Strings from the outset mean that I’m in with this: “Tough Love” by Sailor and I, out of Stockholm. And then the lyrics: “I can’t remember the last time you made me free safe.” Ow. Incredibly tasty. No album yet. But soon, please. Facebook page here.

I just like “End of the World” by Deap Vally because it’s got that nasty, raw feeling of a song that just doesn’t give a shit. And sometimes that’s just fine. I also like that it’s easy on the studio version of the song to forget that they’re a duo. I always appreciate it when a small number of people make a lot of racket. The EP is entitled Get Deap! Of course it is. (Album: CD/MP3, MP3, Spotify.)