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Wayhomer Review #155: World War Z 3D

Brad Pitt, Pierfrancesco Favino and Daniella Kertesz from World War Z

It’s Episode #155 for World War Z, in which our protagonist manages to separate the book from the film, manages to get invested in the film despite the shitty rubber digital zombies, and then manages to think logically about certain aspects of the thing, which just blows it all to hell.

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Special thanks to PhantomV48 for the closing animation.

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  • Good comparison to Starship Troopers (which I also guilty enjoyed). Why even pay the licensing if you’re going to completely gut the story, leaving only the ‘skin’ of the title? Just put it out as an original screenplay- zombies are still popular enough without a semi-well known book title to prop it up.

  • My wife works for the CDC and said they probably would look for patient zero. Sure, lots of work is done behind a desk and a lab to research a cure — but looking for the source of the outbreak is very much part of the job. In food-borne outbreaks, for example, there’s definitely a worker will research what food product made everyone sick, what farm the food came from, what the soil was like, which animals live there and defecated, etc. It’s usually beneficial to their research.

  • I remember the excellent rant from Dragon*Con 2012 during “Make the Bad Men Stop” about the rubber zombies and I’m glad it was reborn for a few minutes.

    I’m sure the Canadian overseas version World War Zed will still unfortunately contain the rubber zombies.

    As always, entertaining reviews.