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DragonCon 2013: Crawling From the Wreckage

Thank You Weekend Justice Cookie

So the madness that was DragonCon 2013 has come and gone. And as we wake up in our respective car trunks, oversized pieces of luggage and coffins–we struggle to remember the extended convention weekend that was.

Luckily, we have photos. And videos. And audio. And those will be happening as we can slam them into a somewhat respectable (for us) form. In addition to multiple panels where we got to see many, many of you, we did our experimental Weekend Justice #200 live recording and everyone had a chaotic good time. We also recorded another live Solve This, which will be hitting a lot sooner than the last one. And we had our annual Need Coffee Group Therapy session.

Some highlights, though. We have had it underscored just how incredibly sexy you, our fans, are. That picture up there is of the giant cookie that greeted me when I arrived on the scene at Make the Bad Men Part I. Yes, I know: I should have taken the picture before we began mauling it. But I’ve been on a diet for a while and…well, you know, giant cookies aren’t something you purchase for yourself regardless, right? It was amazing. And I ate way too much of it. Took me back to high school age birthdays, so it did.

On the beer front, in addition to having beer brought to me from Canada (WTF? Amazing–also, the world is not only flat, Mr. Friedman, but it’s hammered) we launched, through the machinations of Rox of Spazhouse and House Carbone, the perfect beer to read a zine by: a Derelict Morning Blend Coffee Porter. It was delicious. And speaking of zines, the second issue of Derelict hit. (If you missed getting one, more on that shortly.)

Derelict Morning Blend Coffee Porter

And also, just to give you a notion of some of the mad prizes that we handed out–I’m so proud of this one. How many other websites have ever had the honor of bestowing a can of haggis signed by Sylvester McCoy?

Canned haggis signed by Sylvester McCoy

Answer: probably none. At least not in this universe. (Thanks to Rob for making that happen.)

Anyway, more on all this as we continue our recovery and shake off our chemically induced comas. Thanks to the Need Coffee staff for being ridiculously awesome and talented as always. And thanks to all of you for your ongoing support and conspiratorial ways. You are all amazing.

DragonCon 2013: Need Coffee Was Here
Yup. Need Coffee must have been here.