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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 20: Ganja & Hess

Ganja and Hess

Again, before we get to our Blaxploitative feature film for this evening, we spend some quality time with The Shat and his appearance on the Ray Bradbury Theater episode, “The Playground.” Would anyone who frequents this site honestly consider all aspects of childhood to be flowers and sunshine and Atari 2600s? No. And your Uncle Ray knows this.


For tonight’s feature, something a little different (and rather NSFW). Written, directed and featuring Bill Gunn, Ganja & Hess tells the story of an archaeologist having to deal his vampiric tendencies after catching something nasty off an ancient dagger he’s been stabbed with. Can a well-to-do modern vampire find love and deal with un-life while at the same time having to scrounge to find the blood he needs? Can the film actually be a helluva lot weirder than I’m letting on? Seek the answers yourself. And also rejoice in the only other leading role from Duane Jones, “Ben” from Night of the Living Dead.