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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 19: Invasion of the Bee Girls!

Invasion of the Bee Girls

Tonight, before we get to the madness of our feature presentation, we pay a visit the 1980s reworking of The Twilight Zone, to one of my favorites of that series. It’s “Nightcrawlers,” the answer to what would have happened had Stephen King been the author of First Blood. (It was based, actually, on a short story by Robert R. McCammon.) Incidentally, the trooper is played by James Whitmore Jr. Yes, son of Shawshank Redemption‘s James Whitmore.

Interestingly, 1973’s Invasion of the Bee Girls was scribed by Nicholas Meyer. He would later go on to scribe and direct Time After Time and Wrath of Khan, among other things. It was his first project. You know, everybody has to start somewhere. And as for this film, well it’s like Madonna’s Body of Evidence, but, you know, with more radiation. Enjoy.


  • Excellent choices, Widge! I saw Red Letter Media’s review of Bee Girls admiring the brains beehind the concept, and Nightcrawlers is badass.