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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 26: The Night the World Exploded!

Night the World Exploded

Tonight, sci-fi that would make Irwin Allen weep. Probably with laughter. But first, we go to Uncle Ray Bradbury. Here’s one of my favorite stories of his, “The Veldt.” And if that wasn’t enough, it’s read live by Stephen Colbert. Nice.


And for your feature presentation for this evening, 1957’s sci-fi world vs. super-quake epic, The Night the World Exploded. When a machine designed to predict earthquakes shows that a big one is coming and going to smack California in the face, it’s up to a team of scientists to convince everyone of the danger and then deal with the ensuing mystery…in which the entire planet could wind up going kablooey. I’m sort of amazing SyFy hasn’t remade this for one of their films. Enjoy.