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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 28: Legend of the Werewolf!

Legend of the Werewolf

We join Peter Cushing for some lycanthropic fun and games momentarily. But first, let’s start with something I’m dying to see one of these days: when Disney parks take their Haunted Mansion(s) and mash them up with The Nightmare Before Christmas. Here’s a walk-through of this year’s iteration…


Next, from the radio show Dimension X, it’s an excellent adaptation of Uncle Ray Bradbury’s Marionettes Inc. from 1951.

And now for our feature presentation…from 1975, it’s Peter Cushing in a tale of a boy raised by wolves who grows up to become a werewolf. So, you know, he’s following in the family tradition as best he can.

Image via The Peter Cushing Appreciation Society.