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A Unique Warcraft-Style Avatar Cosplay Opportunity

Love and Warcraft Monster Design

What gaming cosplayer wouldn’t want to have a real-life replica of their avatar look to strut around in? Created by professionals? Well, they’re in luck. The Tony Award-Winning Alliance Theatre’s recent production of In Love and Warcraft was about a girl living in both her real life and her online gaming life. For the production, the costume shop created some amazing real-life avatars, designed by Lex Liang. Due to a lack of storage for these sizeable costumes, the Alliance is announcing a rare sale of these pieces from their Atlanta-based shop. For questions and purchase information, please contact Alliance Costume Shop manager Carol Hammond at Here are the details:


Love and Warcraft Princess Azareth Design

The Princess Azareth costume includes purple trunks, bodice with light-up “jewel” & attached gold & purple skirt panels, large collar with peacock feathers, purple gloves (with light-up thumb), gold tiara, purple wig, size 7 boots, and spear. It was built for a 5’4″ woman, size 2-4.

Love and Warcraft Paladin Design

The Paladin costume includes green trunks, chest plate with attached collar, green skirt with light-up “jewel,” gold armbands, mask with attached veil, wig, size 11.5 boots, and sword. It was built for a 6’1″ man, 42 chest, 34 waist.

Love and Warcraft Shaman Design

The Shaman costume includes blue arms, faux-skull headdress, padded chestplate with 3 light-up “jewels,” pants with attached skirt, size 6.5-7 boots, and axe. It was built for a 5’1″ woman, size 2.

Love and Warcraft Gnome Design

The Gnome costume (meant to be worn while on one’s knees) includes coat, pants with kneepads and shoe fronts, size 8.5 slippers, shirt, fingerless gloves with light-up thumb, red curly wig, and quiver with wrench and pick (goggles not included). It was built for a 5’7″ man, 42 chest, 34 waist.

The Monster costume (design pictured up top) includes the torso (the eyes light up green) & lower half with stilts. Built by Scottie Rowell for a 6’4″ man.

Full gallery with designs and photos is below. Remember: contact Carol Hammond at if you’re interested in snagging one of these.