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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Movie Night No. 3: Twilight Zone Double Feature!

Rod Serling with film projector

Ah, The Twilight Zone. The most famous and influential dark sci-fi/fantasy TV anthology show of all time. How we love you. And generally, this night has been when we throw two back to back episodes at you. Most of our traditions have collapsed since, well, we’ve been doing this for eight goddamn years and you tend to run out of items of a particular flavor. But Rod Serling brought us the gift that keeps on giving. And if when you watch episodes like these you think, “Hey, I’ve seen that before.” It’s because Serling and company, in a huge number of situations, got there first.

We have two classics for you: first, the original “Eye of the Beholder,” written by Serling and remade for the CBS revival in 2003. Then “Five Characters in Search of an Exit,” again written by Serling but adapted from a story by Marvin Petal. This would go on, apparently, to inspire the cleverly mental feature film Cube in 1997.


“Eye” is from Season 2, which is available for free streaming from Amazon Prime. “Five Characters” is from Season 3, which is available the same way. That all being said, the Complete Series Blu-Ray is freaking fantastic and I highly recommend it.