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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Movie Night No. 4: Jekyll Sequel Double Feature!

Son of Dr. Jekyll

Well, tonight we go for a non-sequel, then a sequel to the non-sequel. Confused? Of course you are. Hollywood in the 1950s will do that to a person. The first film is from 1951, The Son of Dr. Jekyll. This film, which wasn’t really a sequel to the 1941 Spencer Tracy-starrer, asked the question nobody was probably pondering: what if Dr. Jekyll had spawned before getting killed?

Then following that is a true sequel, which is The Daughter of Dr. Jekyll, in which Gloria Talbott (I Married a Monster From Outer Space) is the titular character and may have gotten that “Jekyll Family Problem.” This was a double bill with The Cyclops, which also starred Talbott.


Oddly, Son appears to be completely out of print and Daughter is pretty damn pricey on Amazon. So enjoy them here, that’s our advice.