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Wayhomer Review #180: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Colin Firth in Kingsman: The Secret Service

It’s Episode #180 for Kingsman: The Secret Service, in which our protagonist definitely feels like his wardrobe needs some work, wishes he could look as cool in spectacles and marvels at watching Mr. Darcy provide some admirable beatdowns.

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  • Hay! Good to see you back in the saddle.
    I await your snippet of scrutiny with steeled silence.
    Or something to that effect.

  • The bit you are referring to could be two scenes to me. The dog scene for the two last agent candidates. Or the church scene. I found both jarring and struggled to keep watching. Which did you mean?

  • Hi Peter. Thanks for the comment. The dog scene is what did it, although I know what you mean…the church scene was very jarring indeed.