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How to Properly Cater a Cornetto Trilogy Viewing Party

Nick Frost, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is near and dear to our hearts. First, he had Spaced, a delightfully mental comedy show which also introduced a lot of people to the dynamic duo of Simon Pegg (co-creator/scribe of the series with Jessica Stevenson) and Nick Frost. That may have come out first, but I was ignorant of that madness. He made Shaun of the Dead (co-written by Pegg) which managed to send up everything about the zombie sub-genre (while simultaneously helping to revive it) but still be an actual horror movie. It is hands down one of the most amazing feats I’ve ever seen on screen writing-wise, since it seems to go from truly comic moments to truly horrific moments and then back again in the blink of an eye. (Penelope Wilton in the pub, anyone?)

And here’s where it gets quite interesting. Because everybody–and I mean everybody–is making a trilogy and “always intended” for whatever they’ve just done to be a trilogy. But here was a trilogy that was immensely entertaining from end to end. Because following Shaun, there was the “Michael Bay Directs Midsomer Murders” awesomeness that was Hot Fuzz and then the utterly bizarre and glorious sci-fi World’s End. It is truly a trilogy of wonder.

So when Cosette informed me that her friend K.C. had had a weekend Three Flavours Cornetto Viewing Party for her family and had decked the party out with appropriate foods, I thought, “Well, that’s cool. Good for them.” But then I saw the spreads and I realized…they had done so to an almost fanatical and manic degree. And if there’s one thing I respect (there’s actually quite a few things, but that’s how the saying goes), it’s people who are fanatical and manic. If there was a reference to food or drink, they tried to use that as an excuse to include said food or drink. And if there was a line of dialogue that could even remotely be tied to some sort of food or drink, they ran with it. So I contacted K.C. through Cosette and asked for permission to share her awesome catering job with the world. Enjoy.

Movie Night #1: Shaun of the Dead

Sharp-eyed readers may pick up on the fact that there are no Cornettos at this Cornetto Trilogy Party. K.C. explains: “Real Cornettos are not available to purchase in our part of the U.S. We even went to the British importer to try and find them. The closest American counterparts can’t really be purchased in bulk, so we improvised: sundae cones from Publix. In keeping with the spirit of the film, they are strawberry. Or blood. Whichever you prefer.”

Also, they couldn’t find (at the time) actual Twiglets and so used the “twig-shaped bits out of Chex Mix.” That’s right. They picked bits out of Chex Mix in order to achieve their goal. Devoted? Oh yes.


Movie Night #2: Hot Fuzz


Movie Night #3: The World’s End

K.C. said: “As Gary, Andy, Steven, Peter, and Oliver visited each of the pubs, so did we.”

Well played, K.C. Very well played. We salute you. Thanks to you and yours for letting us share this mayhem with the world.

If you readers out there do not own some version of the Cornetto Trilogy, then you should definitely
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