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Stuff You Need to Know: They’re Dead… They’re All Messed Up

Fear the Walking Dead

  • The big news from yesterday at San Diego was the one-two punch of Kirkman-infused zombie mayhem. We have the Season 6 trailer for Walking Dead, which is A) badass and 2) probably as misleading as the Season 5 trailer was. And I love being misled by trailers, so bring that noise. I’m sure I will have my own theories to air out on Weekend Justice. But it looks like the fit is going to hit the shan, starting October 11th.


    And of the entire trailer, the bit that freaks me out every time I see it?

    Tovah Feldshuh, Walking Dead Season 6

    Tovah Feldshuh as Deanna Monroe, ruminating over a large puddle of blood. Sweet Jebus. She and Andrew Lincoln were intense as hell in their scenes together last season, now throw Lennie James into the mix and we have got ourselves a Drama Party, kids!

    And then, bringing glee to what remains of my 1985 self…a self that would think I was crazy if I traveled back in time to tell him that not only would there be a hit zombie show on television, but it would be such a big hit that it would spawn a spinoff. Granted, I still like my spinoff idea (give it time, maybe) but this looks…fairly righteous.

    Season 6 of Walking Dead hits October 11th, Fear debuts on August 23rd.

  • Okay, to be fair, other things happened. You know, like a behind the scenes look at Star Wars, Episode VII: We Promise We’re Not Fucking Up Your Childhood Again. Here’s a drinking game for you: watch the following video and take a drink every time you catch either an oblique or an outright full-on reference to the title as I’ve stated it. Seriously, there is a huge emphasis on practical effects, filming in an actual desert… don’t get me wrong, I love it. I just think the stressing of that is funny. And necessary.
  • Okay, and to still be fair, more happened. Ash vs. Evil Dead, which starts on Halloween, looks to be leaning to Army of Darkness territory than Dead by Dawn territory. But considering how god-awful the remake was, I’m good with this.

  • On the Marvel television side of the house, the main thing you need to know is that on Agent Carter, Jarvis’ wife will be revealed and also, it’s taking place in 1947. So ScottC’s theory about Roswell could still hold a lot of water. Source.
  • You also have the trailer for the Norman Reedus/Djimon Hounsou-starring Air, which is also from the distorted mind of Kirkman. I hope this trailer is also devious, because I have theories about this as well.
  • Paul Feig released a picture of his all-female Ghostbusters team. And I honestly can say that when I first saw this picture being posted around, I just thought it was cosplay. No disrespect meant. It is San Diego Comic-Con weekend, after all.

    Paul Feig female Ghostbusters

  • And lastly…know this: in a world where there’s going to be a six-issue miniseries in which Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team up…anything is possible.