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My Head Hurts: When Graham Norton Floated With Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton and Graham Norton

I first learned of this when I was listening to Graham Norton’s episode of Desert Island Discs: a TV special from 2001 featured Norton going to Dollywood at the invite of the grand lady herself. One of the things that resulted was the following, which, in a fit of madness and hilarity, Norton picked as one of his discs to take to the desert island with him.

Incidentally, if you don’t listen to Discs, I highly recommend it. They’ve put their vast archive online for you to grab/enjoy. And there’s a bunch of other such shows outlined here.

And, to sort of make you forgive Norton for putting us all through that–here’s his talk show, which gave us one of the funniest moments in television history: meeting Miriam Margolyes. I thought I had posted this previously, but apparently not. Watch the whole thing if you can–it’s worth it. But if not, at least take some of it in. You will probably agree both that is one of the best sports in history and also that the two of them should have a show. I would get cable TV back just to watch that damn show. Daily.

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  • What??? I can’t stop watching Dolly and Graham. Help! Its so bad. Its so good.