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Your Weekend Justice #243: Dueling Muted Trumpets

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck…finally back with another episode as we claw out of the 2015 archive. The extended madness and delay will be explained further in an upcoming post. There may be spoilers if you haven’t watched television for several months.


  • The thumb hall of fame
  • New holiday ornament
  • Justin Timberlake and Quantum Dick
  • In defense of black and white zombies
  • The Great Scotch Caper
  • Widge vs. Duty Free
  • Rox rates villainy
  • Podcast anarchy!
  • Horngate!
  • The Death Bell
  • Dissecting trailers
  • Widge’s New York review
  • Why is Leigh standing in the corner?
  • The Coen Brothers kill the podcast
  • Kim’s clothing mega-rant
  • The Anathema That is Jeggings
  • Why Rox is made of tin
  • Kim vs. Car Club
  • The inflatable Jeremy Renner
  • Troling with metal bikinis
  • To Disney Infinity and Beyond
  • Big Dub and the Demon Seed House
  • The Forced Perspective Blog
  • Bedazzled /= Benedict Cumberbatch’s Smaug
  • Yankee Candles be legit, yo
  • Digital eugenics
  • Headsup: There’s Weekend Justice gear as well in the Zazzle store.

    Thanks to Jon from The Unique Geek for helping us sound good.

    As always, special thanks go out to Clutch for letting us use their absolutely badass song, “Promoter (of earthbound causes)” as our theme music for this.

    Buy Blast Tyrant, which is where you can find “Promoter”. Buy their latest album, Psychic Warfare. Send them love and coin.

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