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32 Days of Halloween IX, Day 12: Frankenstein 1970!

Frankenstein 1970

For tonight’s excursion into the realms of the fantastic and downright questionable, we take you to the little-seen sequel to the Claude Rains-starring classic. That’s right, it’s Son of the Invisible Man, which features the most expensive special effects available at the time the film was created.

I am, as you know, a lying bastard. That is a Carl Gottlieb-directed bit from Amazon Women on the Moon. Gottlieb is best known for co-writing Jaws. It’s a film that should be rewatched every couple of years. Yes, it has that sort of staying power in my opinion. You can snag it on DVD from Amazon.

And now, since Day 12 has been the jurisdiction of films based on Frankenstein, we go to Karloff again–but this time in 1958’s Frankenstein 1970. He’s playing the last of the Frankenstein family line, who basically has to giving his estate for the use of a film crew in order to get an atomic reactor. Your best source to get this on DVD is the Karloff & Lugosi Horror Classics set.

If you’d prefer a different humorous take on Frankenstein, I recommend “Oscar Wilde’s Frankenstein.” As for Mr. Karloff, you can check out some of his audio recordings of Tales of the Frightened.

Also, am I the only one thinking that in the poster artwork for this film, the monster’s crotch must be absolutely horrifying? Just wondering.